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"Growing up, my family didn’t have the money to travel. I had never flown on a plane, and I had never been west of Cleveland, Ohio.  In 2018, I flipped the script. I quit my summer job, and spent that summer driving my minivan across the United States. 16 hours on the road later, across the vast plain of South Dakota, I happened upon the Badlands, my VERY FIRST National Park. I would then go on to visit 12 more on that trip. Hiking next to herds of bison in Yellowstone. Taking on a difficult descent to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, and then back up. Strolling between the Sequoia trees, like walking among ancient monoliths. Following John Muir's footsteps up the misting waterfalls of Yosemite valley, and essentially living on the road out of my van for 6 weeks. I was absolutely enthralled by all of these places and fell in love with the American Landscape.


Upon returning home, now a senior in college, I began to sketch the concepts for a reimagined series of National Park Posters.
I drew inspiration from the the original WPA park posters which presented the famous headline “See America”. I adapted my posters to instead display the headline “Save America”, a call for all of us to not only visit and enjoy the splendor of the National Parks, but also to recognize the need for their protection.

From there, I created the Save America Print Series for my senior thesis. It first hung on display at the Cummings Art Gallery at Mercyhurst University in 2018. Now in 2021, I expanded the series and launched this store. Currently, I am working to complete the series and represent all 63 parks, while donating sales to help fund projects crucial to preserving our national parks from the contemporary threats that face them.